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Machine Vision

Automated inspection and evaluation of industrial applications using image data


From manufacturing to safety monitoring to robotics – industrial processes are becoming increasingly automated. This requires reliable and efficient image processing.

Our solution:
Machine Vision

Beleuchtungssystem für Machine-Vision-Anwendungen.


Choosing the right optics and lighting is essential for an efficient image processing solution. The better your setup, the higher the quality of the reading results.

Hikrobot Smart Cameras

The Hikrobot Smart Camera Series SC6000 enables flexible operation with powerful deep learning algorithms and is perfectly suited for complex machine vision applications.

Hikrobot Industrial Camera.

Hikrobot Industrial Cameras

Best performance in image processing – the functionalities of the industrial cameras include high dynamic range and extremely low power consumption. This turns them into allrounder for every industry.
Hikrobot C-Mount Lense.

Hikrobot C-Mount Lenses

High-quality accessories are necessary for machine vision. The cost-effective C-mount lenses are ideally suited for industrial cameras and convince with their high resolution and light transmission.

Hikrobot Vision Controller

Using a wide range of data interfaces, the vision controller is suitable for numerous industrial projects. It is characterized in particular by its slim design, which ensures easy installation in existing systems.

Clamping Systems

Precise positioning and a high degree of stability – the 3D clamping joints are perfect for mounting instruments used in machine vision, image processing and sensor technology.

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Machine Vision bestsellers

Beispiel für eine Machine-Vision-Komplettlösung.

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