Hikrobot Smart Camera

Product Features

Produktfeatures Smart Camera
communication protocols
I/O interfaces
Mechanical autofocus

Integration of AI
deep learning algorithms
64 GB storage
Displaying the device status

The camera for high-performance embedded platforms

Intelligent software functions and high quality accessories

Deep learning for high-speed image results
Hikrobot's deep learning algorithm is used to identify and sort products and can be used in numerous industrial environments such as metal processing or the production of packaging or textiles. The combination of performance efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm and the high computing power of the hardware ensures that objects are recognized at high speed.
SCMVS software for simple operation
To quickly identify defects in the working process, the SCMVS client is integrated on all smart cameras. Through the software, images are displayed in real time and can be easily edited via visual tools without any programming knowledge.
Full camera equipment for perfect images
The camera has a wide range of connection options, including Gigabit Ethernet and various I/O options. This enables flexible integration into various industrial environments. Due to IP67-certified, robust construction, the camera is ideal for use in challenging environments and guarantees reliable, high-quality image recordings.

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