VC nano 3D-Z


3D Measurement
with angle measurement as application example

Three dimensional data for angle measurement in press forming and
further metal press brakes processes – we will find the perfect
solution for your sheet metal bending project.


In metalworking process, angular accuracy is checked in press brakes. This process can cause different sources of errors. Therefore, solutions are required to increase the productivity and efficiency of the machines.

Our solution: Measuring angles with
laser profile sensors

Triangulationssensor VC nano 3D-Z.

VC nano 3D-Z

Specially designed for OEM applications, with onboard data processing and insensitive to ambient light – the 3D profile sensors are ideal for laser triangulation in industrial applications.

Angular accuracy control
with real-time data transmission

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For industrial
series use
Direct output of the
workpiece angle in degrees
Choice of different sizes for each measuring range
Autonomous systems – without
external computing unit
No calibration
Simple connection to PLC
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Application areas

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VC nano 3D-Z Profilsensoren.

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For easy testing of the 3D profile sensors and mounting on existing machines, you can use the Portable Mounting Kit (PMK).

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