Hikrobot Vision Controller

Hikvision Vision Controller.

Product Features

Produktfeatures Hikvision Vision Controller.
Installation with additional light
sources and IO
expansion modules
Extended slot for
connection wit
frame grabbers
Features multiple interfaces, such as GigE, USB2.0 and USB3.0
Compact design: 162 mm
x 206 mm x 106 mm
Supports 8 GB or
16 GB memory
Supports 11-channel GPIO and NPN/PNP switching
Produktfeatures Hikvision Vision Controller.

Powerful control for image processing

Compact design for industrial applications

Highest performance
The Hikrobot Vision Controller is used in numerous industrial projects due to its diverse data interfaces. These include, for example, positioning, inspection, measurement and object recognition. With its excellent computing power, it has the best prerequisites for demanding image processing applications.
Modular device design
The slim main module of the controller is ideal for use in a wide variety of environments. Depending on the project requirements, up to 3 accessory modules can be connected to complete the vision system.
Easy mounting
To install the Vision Controller perfectly in a wide variety of environments, the manufacturer offers three mounting options: placing it on a straight surface with a sponge pad, on a wall using screw holes on the back, or mounting the device on a metal rail.

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