VC picoSmart

Our application example for the integration of many embedded components on only one board
Embedded-Vision-System VC picoSmart.

World's smallest embedded vision system revolutionizes vision sensor design

Features von VC picoSmart.
1 MP Global Shutter CMOS
Internal memory
Processor: FPGA +
High End FPU Processor
Small board:
22mm x 23,5mm
Real-time image processing through VC real-time OS
FPC Connector

Easy to use, great performance

All advantages of the VC picoSmart

The optimal module for your vision sensor
The VC picoSmart is barely larger than an image sensor module. For developing your OEM vision sensor, it is the perfect basis. It can be easily integrated into your design and is extremely space-saving.
Precise image processing in real time
The embedded vision system is particularly suitable for application areas where fast and accurate image processing in real time is required. Examples include level control, barcode reading and logistics tasks.
Suitable for industry and series use
The VC picoSmart has long-term availability and is optimized for series use. It is therefore perfectly suited as an OEM module for your project.

VC picoSmart in use

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Komponenten der VC picoSmart 3D.

VC picoSmart 3D: Embedded vision system meets line laser module

Our world's smallest embedded vision system enables laser triangulation with onboard data processing. The VC picoSmart 3D is the ideal component for your OEM 3D sensors.

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