FPC Cable for MIPI Camera Modules



FPC Cable for MIPI Camera Modules

FPC Cable for Connecting MIPI Camera Modules  to the CPU Board – Lossless

Transmission of Data

The shielded FPC cable (Flexible Printed Circuit) were specifically developed for the MIPI modules. The cable allows to connect the MIPI camera module directly to the CPU board (e.g. Raspberry Pi). The data are transferred losslessly and reliably.

Available versions for all conventional CPU boards:

  • 15-22 pin
  • 22-22 pin

The NOTAVIS MIPI camera modules with 22-pin sockets can be connected  with 15-pin and 22-pin MIPI interfaces via cables with two or four transmission lanes.

  • With this configuration the high speeds of the MIPI CSI-2 standard can be fully utilized.
  • High transmission rates between MIPI cameras and processor boards 

Twice as fast as USB3 cameras!

Most processors can handle 1.5 Gbps per lane. that makes 6 Gbps for four lanes and 600 MByte/s at 10-bit pixel resolution. This is twice as fast as USB3 cameras.

Design of FPC cable:

  • Flexible printed circuit boards with a fully shielded backside and 100-Ω differential line pairs
  • The FPC cable supplied with the MIPI module have a standard length of 200 mm.

Additional accessories for NOTAVIS MIPI cameras:

  • MIPI Driver
  • MIPI Repeater Board
  • MIPI Lens holder

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