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All-in-one system

Kerstin Brühl Tipp

Our smart tip

Save your time on the long selection of components and manufacturers. Go directly to a all-in-one system where the components are adapted to your needs.
Kerstin Brühl Tipp

Your distribution partner for all-in-one system

Profit from 35 years of experience

We cooperate with the renowned manufacturer VisionTools. They are one of the leading company for industrial image processing. Vision Tools is active in a wide range of fields, such as foundry, engine construction, body shop, paint shop and assembly.

The solution

Together with our partner, we provide you with complete image processing systems and installations. This saves you time and you can rely directly on a all-in-one system that is tailored to your individual needs.

Decentralised hardware with PoE+

Vision over Ethernet (VoE) is a PC-based image processing concept from VisionTools based on decentralised hardware. The system contains specially developed hardware, which is perfectly matched and offers many advantages.

Your advantages of all-in-one system

  • The control cabinet can be omitted, saving floor space and air conditioning
  • Low component diversity, thus fewer spare parts
  • Can be extended almost at will without retrofitting
  • Ready-to-install cables in standard lengths to reduce installation effort
  • Power supply of the peripheral devices via PoE+ possible
  • Fast data transmission via 10 Gigabit ethernet uplink Port
  • 2D cameras with different sensor resolutions 1.6 – 12 MPixel and 3D scanner usable

Components all-in-one system


  • 21,5″ Touchscreen Display Full-HD
  • Intel Core i7/ 4,1GHz , 16GB RAM
  • OS Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Machine vision Software V60
  • Profinet machine interface
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • 2x 10GBit & 2x 1GBit Ethernet
  • IP65 on all sides (with plug cover)
  • Keyboard/Mouse with mounting optional

VoE - NetBox II

  • 2 Uplink Port 10 Gigabit
  • 8 Port  1 Gigabit
  • PoE power 30W each port
  • Jumbo frames up to 9720 bytes
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Status LED display: Link, Act, PoE
  • Industrial M12 plugs
  • for open mounting in industrial environments

VoE - PowerSupply II

  • Power supply 380-480VAC/50-60Hz
  • Output 24V / 20A / 500W
  • 4 output channels
  • Electronic fuse protection with up to 12A per channel
  • IP65
  • Industrial M12 plugs

VoE - Camera

  • PoE – camera in rugged protective housing
  • Ethernet 1000 MBit/s
  • Sensor Sony Pregius
  • Resolution 1.6 – 12 MPixel
  • C-Mount for Lens
  • 4 digital inputs/outputs 24VDC
  • Industrial M12 X-Cross plug
  • GEN<i>cam


  • Operating voltage PoE
  • Dimming 0 to 100% via TCP/IP
  • Integrated web server for configuration and diagnosic
  • Round plug M12
  • Status LEDs: Link | Data
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Light colour white

VoE - IO Box

  • Ethernet interface
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Digital inputs and outputs 24VDC
  • Output current up to 4A
  • Status LEDs
  • Industrial M12 plugs
  • for mounting in industrial environments

Individual all-in-one system required?

Contact us and we will have a look at your project together.



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